From the annals of Redwall lore comes the location for The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer. Looming mysteriously, Kotir Castle hails from Mossflower, the second novel in the classic series. Fans of Redwall™ lore will be familiar with its dark history. Now, explore its dreadful secrets and hope to outwit the terrifying Gloomer. Your decisions are the only way Gillig can make it out alive…


Kotir Castle


Kotir was a red sandstone fortress built by the River Moss in the western Mossflower Woods.

Sometime long ago it was abandoned by its creators only to be rediscovered and taken over by the late Lord Verdauga Greeneyes in seasons prior to the events of Mossflower and Escape the Gloomer.

Now, it is in the clutches of his daughter Tsarmina, who murdered her father to ascend to the throne. Moving to claim all of Mossflower, she aims to finally drive out the Woodlander rebels who call themselves the Corim. Mossflower Woods is on the brink of war.

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