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Something Stirs Within The Depths

Before Redwall™ Abbey, there was Kotir Castle, an abandoned fortress built over a large lake near the River Moss. It was taken over by the wildcat Verdauga Greeneyes and his Thousand Eyes army of vermin. Upon his untimely demise, his daughter Tsarmina began her evil rule. Subjugating the woodland inhabitants of Mossflower, this cruel Queen reigned using the army of a Thousand Eyes to collect food tribute from the peaceful forest dwellers. In her arsenal was a very special living weapon. A murderous insane creature kept deep in the bowels of the castle. Captured by her father, Gloomer the Greatrat was rightly feared by all. In these ancient days lived mighty heroes such as Martin the Warrior and Gonff Prince of Mousethieves.

Create Your Journey

In a Conversational Adventure™ game your own imagination will create the journey. You play as Gillig the otter on a mission of growth, with the insane Gloomer blocking your every turn. Can you survive and rejoin your clan?

The Choice Belongs
to You

Now our would be champion, Gillig directed by the otter leader Skipper, has been given a very special solo mission. Retrieve an ancient scroll once belonging to Verdauga. On the verge of being exiled from the otter crew, Gillig sees this as an opportunity to prove himself to the otter tribe – if he can overcome his weaknesses.

Your story begins with a descent down a rope into a ruined otter holt near Kotir Castle… 

What happens next will be totally up to you.


Venture into new, unexplored realms of the Redwall universe. Immerse yourself in Brian Jacques' famous fantasy world; overcome fears, explore the unknown...


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Your decisions shape the story. Simply put, you will be living the life of a true explorer and adventurer when you enter into an immersive Conversational Adventure™ game world. Exploration, obstacles, dangers, along with laughter and suspense, will unfold within the rich tapestry of the world you find yourself in.


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The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer features a full cast of professional voice actors, adding a deep, narrative-driven component to the text adventure genre. Narration is voiced by established talent with fantasy backgrounds. 


Redwall Game Ornament

The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer is a 3rd person Conversational Adventure™ game in nine chapters developed by Team Clopas. How to purchase, game features, system requirements, product details and more. 

The Redwall Saga Continues

Redwall Game Ornament
Explore another The Lost Legends of Redwall game, The Scout. A platforming roleplaying game set in the winter shrouded wilderness between Lilygrove and Redwall Abbey, help Liam or Sophia race for help from the raiding rats under Scumsnout’s command. 

Now Available on Amazon Alexa, iOS, and Android!

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Selected Game Features:
  • Escape the Gloomer for the Alexa makes full use of the system’s features with full voice control from in-game commands to meta-game actions like pause and replay.

  • One part Audiobook, one part roleplaying game, Escape the Gloomer is the first of its kind in truly immersive mobile games. 

  • Fully Voice acted by a talented cast of acting veterans and rising stars alike, you’ll feel like you’re meeting real critters in the world of Redwall!

  • Detailed Mood Setting Art from Jared Shear displayed on your device screen paired with moving musical compositions from James Marantette makes for a rich and cinematic experience unlike any other.

  • No Screen? No problem – compatible with the Echo Dot and other simplified devices from Amazon. 

  • Play It on your Smart Fridge! Compatible with Amazon Buttons for swift easy gaming on your Amazon Smart Device of choice 

  • Automatically bookmarks your place in the story so you’ll never have to fret about losing your progress – even if you switch devices. 

  • For Fan’s of Redwall, enjoy a fresh take on a familiar tale and leave your own signature on its pages! 

  • An interactive experience for your phone, it’s like living out an epic novel. 

  • Become a part of the cast of talented voice actors by using your phone’s Speech to Text feature!