Conversational Adventure Games

Conversational Adventure games

What, you ask, is a Conversational Adventure game?

Simply put, you will be living the life of a true explorer and adventurer when you enter into an immersive Conversational Adventure™ game world. Exploration, obstacles, dangers, along with laughter and suspense, will unfold within the rich tapestry of the world you find yourself in.
Conversational Adventure™ games build immersion through rich narrative, utilize a modern full sentence English language parser, have an open world feel to ignite your imagination, and allow you to create your own story.
As a new style of games,  Scott and Team Clopas have invested several personnel working for about a year into developing the proprietary CLO+# (pronounced Clopas Sharp) engine that runs the game.
Clopas is thrilled to be partnering with Soma Games to create Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer which is based on the wildly popular best-selling book, Mossflower, by Brian Jacques. We especially appreciate that Brian Jacques wrote the Redwall series as a response to his volunteer experiences reading to students at the Royal School for the Blind. And we’re happy to follow in his footsteps by offering rich narrative descriptions and a blind (audio-only) compatibility mode.
The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer involves the Player in the exploits of Gillig the Otter as he tries to overcome limited resources, and the menace of the presumed dead Gloomer the Greatrat.
Play the Game! Live the Adventure! Create your Story!™