Introducing Gillig

Introducing Gillig

Even as a young dibbun, Gillig the otter craved adventure. He loved to swim and play, but most of all, he wanted to be just like the other brave otters of Mossflower.  Indeed, he had always held that otters were superior to other Woodland creatures and it gave him a false air of confidence. He admired Skipper, the otter crew leader, who had known him since his birth and served as a surrogate role model after the traumatic death of his parents. It was Gillig’s hope to make Skipper proud and be just like him, even to the extent of sharing the same favorite drink – Hot Root Punch. But clumsy, constant mistakes persisted, confirming his worst fears, and making him inwardly timid. While dreading his next failure, he could do little but pick himself up and hang his head.



Internally he was at a crossroads, teetering between being courageous at heart and cowardly in action. Now, the young otter finds himself up for exile from the otter crew, and has nowhere left to turn. Skipper always believed that someday Gillig would grow to be a brave otter, worthy of being a part of the crew. But, in order for that to happen, Gillig needed to believe in himself. One fateful day later, Gillig finally received the chance he had been waiting for.

The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer from TeamClopas and Soma Games immerses the player in the exploits and redemptive arc of Gillig the otter as he tries to overcome his weaknesses, limited resources, and the menace of the monstrous water rat Gloomer.

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