Escape the Gloomer Now On Steam

The Escape the Gloomer Steam Page is Live!

The Escape the Gloomer Steam page is now up and running.
It’s been a long journey, for both the developers (Clopas LLC and Soma Games) as well as Gillig the otter. But, both are in the home stretch. For one, the story traverses over 2,000 miles on multiple continents with long nights, many varied communications, and dedicated teamwork. For the other, isolation, sunless days, and long periods of challenging exertion.
From a savvy sound designer, adept programmers, master storytellers and a UI artist, the creators of this new Conversational Adventure™ game have assembled all the elements needed to unleash your imagination. Our game features over 40,000 words and 20 professional voice actors who have cumulatively voiced over 4.5 hours of dialogue. As a tip of the hat to Redwall fans, many of them were from Britain, Brian Jacques native country.
Further, we’ve worked hard to fashion the right feel and sense of place for Redwall, add to the backstory of beloved characters, balance character development with gameplay, and integrate themes like bravery and persistence. We hope you enjoy this interactive tale.
As for Gillig, his journey begins as a young Redwall woodlander trying to find acceptance in the Otter crew under the guidance of Skipper. It continues as he attempts to survive the menace of The Gloomer while recovering an important artifact that could prevent a horrible war. Outmatched by a larger menacing opponent, he has to overcome his weaknesses and limited resources, all while searching for an ancient scroll once belonging to Verdauga Greeneyes.
Oh, and there’s an Amulet of a Thousand Eyes (but we won’t get into that).
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